31 мая 2011 г.

Senior QA Engineer

On behalf of Salce Colada Ciklum is looking for Senior/TL QA Engineer to join one of our successful teams.

Successful candidates must have analytical, organizational, time management, and communication skills, thrive in a team environment, and possess the willingness to learn.


* Energetic, with a strong desire to succeed

* Desire to closely interact with the whole team involved in a project development (including customers)

* Passion and commitment to his/her role in a project

* Academic background in Computer Science or Software Engineering

* Knowledge of QA standards, processes, tools, and methodologies

* Ability to quickly understand software functionality and translate this understanding into documented, repeatable software tests

* Experience in testing applications based on the Adobe Flex and Java environment

* Experience in a hands-on testing role especially functional testing including UAT and manual tests

* Experience in integration and functional testing automation is a plus (but not a requirement)

* Familiarity with defect/issue management systems, especially Bugzilla

* Experience working in the full life cycle development right from the requirements gathering and analysis phase

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, German is a plus (but not a requirement)

* A team player who will work across the organization

The job responsibilities include but are not be limited to product testing; identifying, reporting and tracking problems; developing and executing test plans; creating and executing automated tests and software installation testing.

Working in the full development life cycle, starting from the requirements gathering and analysis phase.

Join Ciklum and «Cross the Borders» together with us!

If you are interested – please send your CV to olku@ciklum.net
or contact Olga via Skype

Skype: ol.kuznetsova

26 мая 2011 г.

Senior Software Architect / Team Lead .Net

On behalf of Game Face Gaming Inc. Ciklum is looking for Senior Software Architect / Team Lead to start taking the product and technology to the next level.
Game Face Gaming Inc. http://www.faceupgaming.com is energetic, ambitious, financially secure, young public company, based in US and specializes in the space of social networking and online gaming. The company is launching the first major beta version of the online platform within the next couple of months.

Job Description
You will lead an innovative team of software developers to design and build our online social network and API (similar to Facebook, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, etc.). You're a very hands-on software architect and technical manager who can influence and lead the architecture, design and development of a scalable, high performance, and high reliability platform. You'll recruit, mentor, and lead a team of 8-10 exceptionally talented engineers. You'll lead through uncertainty and collaborate with other engineering teams, Business Development, and teams across the organization to make things happen to achieve desired results.

Desired Skills & Experience:

Deep Software Technical Skills:
You are deeply technical, understand how to break down problems and design extensible solutions. Reverse a linked list? That's way too easy for you. You write recursive programs navigating dependency graphs for fun. You are well grounded in object-oriented design patterns, algorithms, data structures, and development in C#.NET, or Java, etc. You know how to scale systems to a billion calls per day, how to parallelize requests, and how to apply asynchronous messaging. You have experience implementing distributed caching and know how to transform data while preserving integrity and consistency. In short, you could be the Architect or CTO of a large-scale Web 2.0 company. You likely have a BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or closely related field.

API Platform Experience:
You understand the challenges of providing REST APIs (like LinkedIn API and Vkontakte API) along with SQL-style interfaces such as Yahoo's YQL or Facebook's FQL. You have experience implementing 2-legged and 3-legged OAuth authentication and authorization. You should understand how to throttle distributed API requests and implement fault-tolerant systems that offer commercial-level availability.

Management and Cross-Organizational Influence:
You have demonstrated successful leadership in building and leading small, high-performance engineering teams. You understand the value of relationships and are highly effective at influencing cross-organizational teams to implement internal component APIs to meet the needs of external consumers. You communicate effectively to all levels inside the company and with partners.

In short, you rock! Your team rocks too! If this is you, apply now.

Desired Qualifications
• Previous experience in building large scale multi-user projects/online games/social networks is a must
• Experience in C#, ASP.NET, Flash, C++, MY SQL, MS SQL
• A minimum of 10 years of software development experience, with at least 3 years designing and building sites that take advantage of social networking technology.
• Understanding Web application development concepts including architecture, design, building, testing, and deployment.
• Experience and Knowledge of social networking technology limitations with the expertise to overcome those technical challenges.
• Experience with APIs from leading social networking sites.
• The creativity and initiative to successfully drive a solution given a clear goal but a limited set of requirements.
• Experience selecting and working with third-party vendors and partners to design and integrate external solutions and products.
• Ability to work effectively in an Agile/SCRUM programming environment.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skill.

To learn more about vacancy please ask Olga.
e-mail: olku@ciklum net
Skype: ol.kuznetsova

25 мая 2011 г.

Ciklum Mobile Saturday - iOS Summer edition on 18 of June

Dear friends!

Updates on first iOS event in Minsk!

The event date is changed to June 18!

Starring speaker:
Mark Wilcox, Senior Engineering Consultant from SteelyEye, UK, an experienced mobile software architect, having previously worked on devices for Ericsson, Fujitsu, Nokia, Panasonic & Samsung. He is the author of two books on mobile software development and has spoken at several international conferences. He currently leads app development projects across all major platforms and will be speaking about "The Future of Mobile Software Development".

Speaking: Vladimir Puzanov (Kiev), Taras Kalapun, iOS trainer (Kiev), Sergej Frasl Glebov (Minsk), Ivan Suhinin (Minsk) and Sergey Balashevich (Minsk).

Event location and afterparty details will be sent personally during the event week. But you will definitely like it ;)

The registration is closed!

Look forward seeing you on the first iOS event in Minsk in the very beginning of Summer!

Please spread the information with your colleagues! Twi hash tag #CiklumMob

20 мая 2011 г.

WP7/Silverlight User Group Meeting

28 мая в 11:00 белорусское сообщество Silverlight / Windows Phone разработчиков соберется в нашем минском офисе.
Организаторы обещают сделать первую встречу интересной и плодотворной, и приглашают разработчиков, имеющих опыт работы с Silverlight / Windows Phone, XNA технологиями.

На встрече Silverlight / Windows Phone запланированы следующие доклады:
• XNA Content Pipeline — Иван Сухинин
• Silverlight 5 3D — Антон Гриневский
• Windows Phone 7 and BDD, TDD and Mocking — Максим Павловский
• WP7 Marketplace Testing — Иван Киркоров
• MIX 11 — an eyewitness account — Александр СороколетовМы приглашаем на это мероприятие всех, кого интересуют технологии и разработка под Silverlight и Windows Phone.
К сожалению количество мест ограничено, по этой причине организаторы просят пройти предварительную регистрацию участников. Зарегистрироваться можно по этой ссылке:

Будем рады видеть участников готовых участвовать в дискуссиях, активно обсуждать доклады и выссказывать свое мнение.