30 мар. 2011 г.

iPhone developer position is opened in ambitious SteelyEye team

On behalf of Steely Eye Digital Media (www.steelyeye.com) Ciklum is looking for iPhone developer.

Minimum requirements:
* Over 2 years of experience in development
* Over 6 month of development iOS based applications

* Portfolio of successfully implemented applications
* Experience in development for iPad
* Experience in other mobile platforms

We offer:
* Long-term full time employment in a great team
* Professional growth in trendy mobile technolog
* Business trips to London
* Multiple mobile devices in use
* Compensation package

Please contact HR Manager Yana Poteeva for more details:
E-mail: ypo@ciklum.net
Skype: yanaswss

29 мар. 2011 г.

Swiss1Mobile is starting up Mobile development team in Minsk!

Want to start up your own iOS team and travel to Zurich every 2 month?
Then this vacancy is for you!

On behalf of Swiss1Mobile, Ciklum is looking for iOS leader to start up Mobile development team in Minsk.

Basic requirements:
- Over 4 years in development of commercial projects
- Over 2 years of experience iOS development for iPhone
- Experience of development for iPad
- Experience in Java/Android would be a plus
- Ability to work alone and meet the deadlines
- Good communication skills
- English at least Intermediate level

About Swiss1Mobile projects:
We are developing some sort of standard products but in general most of our projects are fully tailored software or at least we have to extend our exising solution by 30 – 50% individual and tailored software components!

Mobility whereever and whenever AND WHATEVER on different mobile plattforms like iPhone-iPAD/IOS, Smartphone/Tablets Android, Smartphone/Handhelds Windows Mobile, Tablets Windows 7 Pro!

If you are interested to have the opportunity to work in Minsk location of Swiss company leading in Mobile technologies, please contact us:

Yana Poteeva
Skype: yanaswss

Symbian Developer is required to join a new team

UPD: the vacancy is closed

On behalf of eBuddy team, Ciklum is looking for Symbian guru to start up a department.

As a Mobile C/C++ Developer you will focus on our Symbian and Windows Mobile products. You will be involved in all stages of development within our Mobile team, from specification to design, development, testing, debugging and maintenance. You are a hands-on team player, working with others in an agile development team (Scrum). You have extensive experience with various mobile technologies and you are an ace in C/C++. You keep yourself up to date with the latest Mobile technologies.

Your role
• You will be part of a team building our Symbian and WP7 applications
• Assist in debugging the application based on customer feedback and internal QA reports
• Ensure the application works as expected on the many handsets that we support
• Lead C Mobile department in Minsk location and participating in building that department in a company

Your skills
• A Bachelor or Masters degree in Computer Science
• At least 2 years of experience with Symbian / Windows Mobile /WP7
• Experience with client-server based frameworks
• Object-orientated design patterns are your second nature
• Passionate about internet and mobile technologies
• You love writing efficient, artistic code with attention to detail
• Experience with Bada, Brew, Maemo, QT, Migo are a plus
• You are a real team player but can also excel individually
• Excellent English language skills in both reading and writing

Get ready for multiple Business trips to Amsterdam!

Please contact HR Manager Yana Poteeva for more details:
E-mail: ypo@ciklum.net
Skype: yanaswss

22 мар. 2011 г.

Первая Конференция Разработчиков Мобильных Приложений MobileOptimized 2011 пройдёт в Минске 2 апреля

2 апреля в бизнес-центре гостиницы «Виктория» в Минске пройдет конференция MobileOptimized 2011. Мероприятие посвящено технологиям разработки мобильных приложений на различных платформах, разработке мобильных игр и сервисов, юзабилити
интерфейсов, вёрстке под мобильные платформы, а также менеджменту в сфере мобильных разработок и маркетингу мобильных приложений. Организатором конференции выступает белорусский портал www.dev.by.

Главная цель мероприятия – построить сообщество «мобильных» разработчиков, обменяться знаниями с коллегами из Украины и России, получить опыт компаний, разрабатывающих собственные продукты. Среди докладчиков представители Microsoft, Nokia, Google, eBuddy, SteelyEye, Tarasov Mobile Software, а также ведущих компаний Беларуси, занятых в сфере мобильных разработок: Viaden Media, Ciklum, EPAM Systems, BLRSoft, Nival Network, Mobiletag, Softeq Development, Altoros Development, ScienceSoft, IBA и других. Полный список докладчиков будет сформирован к 28 марта. Заявки присылайте на yana@dev.by.
Конференция пройдёт при поддержке форума SEF.by, белорусского Парка Высоких Технологий и Белорусского портала TUT.by. Участие в конференции бесплатно при условии обязательной регистрации на www.dev.by/mo

На мероприятие приглашаются разработчики под WP7, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, J2ME,
разработчики игр, дизайнеры и специалисты по вёрстке мобильных приложений, а также менеджеры проектов, маркетологи, руководители стартапов и все сочувствующие. Участие в конференции — это также отличная возможность ознакомиться с тенденциями белорусского рынка труда в сфере мобильных разработок и встретиться с представитлями ведущих компаний. Доклады будут вестись в несколько потоков с перерывами на кофе. В холле будут находиться активные стенды, где можно будет пообщаться с представителями компаний. После конференции все приглашаются на afterparty. Иногородним гостям будет оказано содействие в расселении. Заявки присылайте на janina@dev.by до 29 марта. Регистрация участников прекращается 30 марта. Не пропустите отличную возможность
показать себя и познакомиться с предствителями мобильной индустрии различного уровня из самых разных стран – Англии, Нидерландов, России, Беларуси, Украины. Подарите себе айтишный уикенд в Минске!

17 мар. 2011 г.

Passionate .Net developer wanted

On behalf of Entech Solutions Ciklum is looking for an experienced passionate .Net developer
Entech Solutions is a web product development company builds web applications around travel industry.
to leasn more about company and products please visit web: http://www.entechsolutions.com/Products/Overview.aspx

Entech Solutions is a New Jersey based company.

Who we are looking for:

The developers will be doing cool staff- social/ consumer facing applications, connecting to face book and various social networks. Everything that will be cool and modern in consumer facing applications - will be applied.
We are looking for a good developer who is from no boring complicated software development
An application that should work fast, be optimized, user friendly….
Also the soft skill is very important- open, communicative, talkative, outgoing and very proactive. At the same time proactive and productive.
The person should be good .NET developer but passion and desire to do the job is the key!

Ciklum offers:
  • Good working conditions;
  • Career and professional growth;
  • Various technical seminars;
  • Possibilities to work in a big and successful company;
  • Long-term full time employment
  • Business trips
To learn more about vacancy please ask Olga.
e-mail: olku@ciklum net
Skype: ol.kuznetsova

Ciklum is looking for a Navision Consultant/Developer


On behalf of our client, Ciklum (www.ciklum.net ) is looking for a Navision Consultant/Developer.
Scope of work:
Client has two different installations of Navision. The scope related to the work is in the Navision SP installation. The entire Service oriented business need to have tools to optimize their type of work and therefore there are many medium sized projects that have to be driven and developed.
Nature of assignment:
  • Examples of development work can be as stated below as both functionality and modules:
  • Role based task list, only change management part.
  • Development of a wizard to manage high quality of data quality in modules, Service and Contracts
  • Visibility of internal KPI´s in Operational Level Agreements (OLA) in relations with the external Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Logistics process, more visibility on OLA, expected and confirmed delivery status
  • Recurrent tasks to be automatic pro-actively planned
  • Improvement of data quality, management of SIL and header
  • Skills management (certifications, living address, working hours, products and competencies – dedicated technicians and case prioritizations
  • ntelligent screening and history on used parts and done work
  • ntegration of the organization “Cabling” in Navision SP and other logistics
  • Change management on task level
  • Management of PUDO/Drop lines. The fields are in Navision SP but the logic is missing (you can say automation)
  • F9 functionality in Navision SP needs to be developed. Today we have this in Navision SØ on spare parts
  • Order spare parts via EDI towards the suppliers
  • Performance optimization project – to eliminate deadlock etc.
  • And a lot more…….

Offshore resources will be working as business consultant for Navision and developers. The role will be toward different business units and the tasks will be to understand the business needs and convert this to actual development tasks.
Also we offer you 3 months on site (Copenhagen, Denmark) from the beginning.
Ciklum offers:
  • Good working conditions;
  • Career and professional growth;
  • Various technical seminars;
  • Possibilities to work in a big and successful company;
  • Long-term full time employment
  • Business trips

To learn more about vacancy please ask Olga.
e-mail: olku@ciklum net
Skype: ol.kuznetsova

14 мар. 2011 г.

We are looking for talented Flex pros

On Behalf of Activeark ciklum is looking for two flex developers.Company is based in Helsinki, Finland.

To learn more about company please check web: http://www.activeark.com

Are you a gifted Adobe Flex professional and experienced in impressing with digital applications? Do you enjoy challenges which can go beyond your comfort zone? Want to work for something exciting and new?

So this is the story. We are working with a solution we believe has potential to redesign the concept of B2B sales. To achieve our visionary goals we are looking for talented Flex professionals equipped with humble but ambitious attitude - people like you.

As we already have a top team and are interested in keeping it that way – it’s really important for us that you fit in.
If you wish that your ideal colleagues would be:

  • excited about the future adventures and opportunities
  • highly professional and quality-minded (but don’t think having fun while working is illegal)
  • proactive and wanting to learn new when possible
  • humble and respective to others but also feeling proud of what one is and does

You might have just found yourself a new job!

Your role would be to work as a key member in our core product development team which goal is to finalize our new solution. At this initial phase, your team will include less than 10 professionals so your contributions will be very much appreciated and important for the future of the company.

The special unit you would work for is part of a new affiliate company to the leading Finnish digital agency, Activeark. The headquarters for the startup will be located in Helsinki but you will have a chance to work in Minsk. Some international travel might be however required.

Our past customers includes several global enterprises – including Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Wärtsilä and similar. So you can expect to have unique opportunity to work with some of the leading corporations in the world.

Technical requirements:

Critical skills:

  • Minimum 3 experience of object-oriented programming
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience of the following:
  • MXML and Actionscript 3 (SDK 4.x)
  • Flex 4 UI Component and Flex charting components experience
  • Familiar with MVC microarchitectures (e.g. Mate, Cairngorm)
  • Version control (SVN)
  • Issue tracker based work flow (e.g. Jira, Redmine)
  • Experience from SW product development
  • Fluent in English (verbal + writing)

Desired skills:

  • SQL92 & SQLite – is a plus to have
  • using services: AMF & RPC– is a plus to have
  • E4X, Adobe AIR, UI component skinning,
  • Knowledge of various design patterns
  • Agile development methodologies (e.g. Scrum)

Ciklum offers:

• Good working conditions;
• Career and professional growth;
• Various technical seminars;
• Possibilities to work in a big and successful company;
• Long-term full time employment
• Business trips

To learn more about vacancy please ask Olga.
e-mail: olku@ciklum net
Skype: ol.kuznetsova

9 мар. 2011 г.

Video from Ciklum Mobile Saturday in Minsk!

26 февраля компания Ciklum, специально для разработчиков приложений под мобильные платформы, провела форум Ciklum Mobile Saturday в офисе компании Минске.

Компания TUT.by организовала прямую трансляцию, а также опубликовала видео-версии докладов. Презентации к докладам можно скачать тут.

FAQ по разработке под Windows Phone 7. Виталий Домников (Киев) - Senior Mobile Developer в Ciklum.

2. Managing cross-platform mobile development. Toolbox for mobile projects. Вячеслав Тодавчич (Киев), PM Ciklum Project Office - Mobile Solutions.

3. Средства кроссплатформенной разработки под Android и iPhone. Сергей Flop (Минск), iPhone/Flash разработчик в Ciklum.

4. Launching the official BlackBerry Developer Group in Belarus within blackberry.com. Mike Burkov, BlackBerry developer, Ciklum.

5. Как зарабатывать на продаже мобильных приложений, будучи разработчиком. Дмитрий Тарасов (Москва) – глава Tarasov Mobile, компании-разработчика и издателя мобильного ПО, автор более 15 статей о разработке и продаже ПО, напечатанных в журналах Хакер, PC Magazine и IT Специалист. Продукты Tarasov Mobile входят в Top-20 самых продаваемых и скачиваемых (более 2 миллионов загрузок) приложений в Nokia Ovi Store.

6. Идея приложения против ее реализации и рынка. Егор Куновский, Business Development Manager, Apalon Studios (AppStore Marketing & Publishing).

7. GeoChamps. WIP. История одного мобильного стартапа. Бугаев Роман, C#/C++ программист; Клыга Максим, Objective C /C++ программист; Дегтярев Александр, Flex программист; Андрей Рудский, Symbian/ QT программист.

Вопросы и комментарии можно оставить в твиттере @CiklumMinsk или в комментариях к этому посту.

2 мар. 2011 г.

Ciklum invites Program Manager/Consultant to join its successful team

Ciklum is looking for a Mobile Program Manager/Consultant for CSC department in Minsk Office.

CSC department provides access to a wide variety of IT and business consultants, including on-demand testing and QA services.

Teams start-up, clients' and teams' methodological supportAccumulating and evangelizing best practices (tools/processes)
Ad-hoc technical solutions identification, technical issues mitigation
On demand consulting/coaching/training
Technical assessment of Project Managers and units maturity during Development Interviews.

The successful candidate should meet the following requirements:

5+ years op Project Management experience (successful track record of project deliveries)
Strong technical background (preferably back-end oriented)
Good understanding of full range of SDLC
Mastery of the SCRUM/XP methodology

Proactive, self-starter, able to identify tasks and opportunitiesOutgoing, sales oriented, with great interpersonal skillsFluent in English

Additional advantage will be:
Extensive knowledge in QA area
Good business understanding (market place, time-to-market, etc)
Compliance with business excellence
Experience in mobile development
Starting salary - fixed, in three month going down with the fixed part 25% and using a scheme: 30% on margin from consulting hour sales as a bonus.

Evaluating the person while the work, we’ll look at the following KPIs:
Client engagement expansion with Ciklum (how many new vacancies are opened in existing client teams after the TC involvement)
Number of times when project managers proactively came to seek help and assistance from the TC
Number of positive customer references collected
Number of consaltancy projects initiated

Ciklum offers:
Good working conditions;
Career and professional growth;
Various technical seminars;
Possibilities to work in a big and successful company;
Long-term full time employment

To learn more about vacancy please ask Olga.
e-mail: olku@ciklum net
Skype: ol.kuznetsova