10 нояб. 2010 г.

Lead C/Python developer is required to start up a new project

UPD: Vacancy closed

On behalf of Rayzon Technologies Ciklum is looking for Lead C/Python developer.

Skills required:

* Python,
* C, C++,
* Bash, Make
* Linux networking (TCP/IP, VPN, OpenVPN, routing, firewalls, etc.)
* IPv4 and IPv6

* good analysis skills, capable of documenting systems analysis in a suitable way (e.g. UML)
* software and systems design (i.e. knowledge of software and system patterns)
* good English communication skills
* experience in commercial application development
* good understanding of Open Source concepts, libraries and licenses
* configuration management
* problem solving skills

* Web-Development (JavaScript, AppServer, etc.)
* LaTex
* "3G" data card handling
* WiMax
* Cryptography
* Reverse-engineering capabilities

We offer:
* Working directly with Rayzon Technologies
* Opportunity to build your own team
* Long-term full time employment

Oliver H. comments on this position:
We're a young technology startup currently positioned in between research and product development. We're now looking for a senior Linux software engineer to transform our research-oriented products into commercial-grade software solutions. Our main product, a heterogeneous communications system integrating WLAN, 3G, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiMAX, GPS and more is mainly used by Swiss authorities for security and safety and defense purposes.

Your role will be varied, but the first project will be the transformation of our semi-finished communications platform (audio, video, positioning, messaging, etc.) towards a sound and solid commercial basis. Thus we expect you to not only write good, well-structured and -documented code but also understand how to build a proper architecture and create a suitable design, with the accompanying documentation. Although we like to work along an agile methodology such as Scrum and value running software over documentation, we also need our few but necessary docs to be done properly.

You'll be the first member of a newly constructed team. Therefore you might need to work alone for some time in the beginning, until suitable additional engineers can be hired. We plan for a team of around 4 to 6 people. The company's head quarters is in Switzerland and you can expect traveling to HQ and to our customers a couple of times per year.

* This can be basically 2 people to cover this set of knowledge if you do not feel you can make it
* The managing part can be tacken by Switzerland side, you are technical leader or later you can get into the project management as well
* You are expected to be a professional, participate in technical decisions, decide on the implementation, tools etc.
* Do not hesitate to apply if you are not familiar with part of those technologies so far, during the trainings provided on your start-up you can get all the necessary knowledge and experience.

Please contact HR Manager Yanina Poteeva for more details:
E-mail: ypo@ciklum.net

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