27 окт. 2011 г.

Senior/Lead Java UI Developer for the Swiss Client!

Ciklum on behalf of Swiss Client (a unique social media monitoring provider) is looking for Senior/Lead Java UI Developer!

As a part of our Team you MUST:

  • Have 3 years’ experience with Java SE
  • Have good knowledge of GWT
  • Have good JavaScript and CSS Skills
  • Be able to implement a design template with HTML / JavaScript / CSS
  • Have experience with AJAX applications
  • Have at least 3 years’ experience in Web Development (GWT experience included)
  • Have feeling for design and usability J
  • Be able to speak English

A big PLUS would be:

  • Flash skills
  • Experience with wireframe tools
  • Knowledge of EXT GWT
  • Know HTML5 standards

As a compensation we OFFER:

  • Veeeeeeery good salary!
  • Business Trips to Switzerland!
  • Communication directly with the client!
  • Ability to understand the client’s business
  • New technologies, including HTML 5!
  • Sweet cookies in the office J
  • BeaUUUUUUtiful HR Ladies ;)

In case you are ready to get a challenge, please, feel free to contact me via Skype: Alena_Khmialnitskaya or via e-mail: alhm@ciklum.net


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