14 окт. 2011 г.

Ciklum Speakers Corner about Mobile Project Management 19 of October

Ciklum welcomes lead mobile developers and mobile project managers for a Ciklum Speakers Corner 19 of October!

Speakers Corner is one of the Ciklum events format organized for those, who have things to discuss! This time we will discuss the issues of Mobile Project Management.

1. Ben van der Veer, Head of Operations in aFrogLeap (NL) – “Project Management of multilocation projects with a twist of mobile”.
Ben has over 4 years experience in IT Project Management, responsible for the project delivery in aFrogLeap. He has Bachelor in Sports Management and Master in psychology, focused his experience mostly in marketing topics like crowd psychology, consumer behavior and influence decisions. He will share his Mobile Project Management experience.
About aFrogleap BV
aFrogleap | Concepts & Development for mobile web and applications was founded as a specialist label within RapidSugar BV | Full service online marketing agency over 2 years ago. Currently aFrogleap is privately owned and has been successfully building out to our current size of 15 people.
aFrogleap is a full service mobile agency based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Some of our clients are; CampingWijzer, Marktplaats (part of Ebay), Microsoft, Staples, SNS Reaal, Waternet and our national government.
All concepts aFrogleap develops make use of the all important user context. The contexts of mobile users differ tremendously, and when possible, have to be utilized in the consumers favor. Smart solutions based on location, research and experience make our clients leap frog.

2. Vladimir Gorshunov, Client Services Consultant in Ciklum (BY) – “Scrum and Kanban in Mobile Development”.
Vladimir Gorshunov has more than 6 years in Java development focused lately mostly in mobile development project management; Scrum master; Project Management trainer. He will share some ideas in setting up the processes in mobile development teams.

We start at 7PM in Ciklum Minsk office. Snacks and coffee are included! Participation is free, number of sits are limited.

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  1. мда, все заявки отображаются в открытом виде. не думаю, что это специально так задумано

  2. Нам нечего скрывать :) Но я уберу, спасибо за замечание.