8 сент. 2010 г.

Looking for PHP Drupal developer

On behalf of netnode (www.netnode.ch) Ciklum is looking for PHP Drupal developer to join the team in Minsk on full-time basis.

netnode is a Swiss based software manufacturer purely focused on Drupal development. We create big, social, multilingual websites and web applications for international brands. We are the #1 Drupal development shop in Switzerland and we want to extend our team to grow the upcoming months and years.

•  Man or women 20-35 
•  Fulltime 
•  Min 2-3 years of experience in PHP web development 
•  Gruaduated in computer science 

•  English (spoken & written), German is an advantage 

•  You have designed and implemented web applications using the LAMP stack 
•  You have solid software development skills and you love writing code 
•  You are a kick ass PHP developer 
•  You are a kick ass HTML/CSS/Javascript developer 
•  You know the following Frameworks: 
        o  Drupal, Expert Knowledge (1-3 years of experience) 
        o  Zend Framework, Intermediate Knowledge 
•  You know MySQL and you can write and optimize complex Querys 
•  You know the Linux environment 
•  You know Subversion 
•  You know Scrum and agile software development methods 
•  You are customer focused and business minded 
•  You love Web 2.0 and the social web 
•  You love Drupal 
•  Nice to have: Active Drupal contributor. 
•  Nice to have: You created an IPhone application.

•  You will develop (social, collaboration, Web 2.0) websites and webapplications for international brands and work closely with our development team in Switzerland. 
•  You will work for StartUps and bring new business ideas to life 
•  You will work on existing websites, add new functionality, maintain applications and fix issues. 

Recruitment Process:
•  Candidates must provide a detailed CV covering the projects they worked on in the last 2 years 
•  Candidates selected by Ciklum must be tested by our CEO and CTO (Skype interview) to be finally approved 
•  Netnode will eventually give a test task to check the candidates skills

Interested? Please send your full CV to egor@ciklum.net

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